The Primary Stages

by Ethan Mullenax

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A story is told of a mans journey deeper into love, leaving behind the shallow and vapid chains of selfish love and venturing into the deep cool water of selfless love.


released January 9, 2014

Mark Ferron - Cello
Alisha Carlson - Female Vox
Ethan Mullenax - Everything Else



all rights reserved


Ethan Mullenax Athens, Georgia

Writer/Creator. Ethan continually hopes that his art can come alive again in the souls of each person listening.

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Track Name: Easy
This end begins something missing in me

You say our love don't matter anymore
Then what am I still stickin' around here for
'Cause it ain't easy
It's not as easy
As what you say
You say that I'm still rushing to your shore
for pearls that I can't find there anymore
But it's so easy
Oh so easy
To love you anyway

I know that you are over me as of now
But will it still be over when the sun goes down
And the night falls all around
Yeah the night falls all around
Track Name: Gone
I don't know why but I feel I should go now
Time seems to fly when I'm stuck in one place
There's something telling me leaving is pointless
But I'll make a line that no human can trace

Oh follow me if you will, but you're never gonna chase me down
Hunt me girl have your fill, but I'm gone

I've got a question that you need to answer
What were you thinking when you let me down
I gave my love like a fountain gives water
But you gave it up and made me look like a clown

Here's the last say on this ill begotten matter
You broke my heart dear but you lost your soul
Love don't mean nothing if it has to be asked for
You hid your heart from me you'll pay the toll
Track Name: Thinkin of You
Sittin' here staring out the window, watch the wind blow all around
Prop my feet up on the window as my vision wanders down

But my eyes see something other than the ground
And my ears hear your laughter
And my feet want me to run to you
And my heart is racing faster
Thinking of you

Sittin' here quiet by the window see the rain as it falls away
But in my mind are pictures of you, and I'm hoping they might stay

But my minds eye wanders away to you
And your beauty becomes my master
Oh my feet want me to run to you
And my heart is pounding faster
Thinking of you

Sittin' here staring out the window, but I wish I could stare at you
Track Name: Something's Gotta Give
Sitting here alone
Waiting by the phone
Just to hear your voice would save my life
I don't need too much
Just try to keep in touch
And let me know how real this really is

I don't know what happened here
But I know that something's got to give away

Lost inside my head
I feel like I'm dead
Some answers would be nice, but that's a dream
I've got nothing left
My heart, my soul, bereft
I gave it all away to no avail
Track Name: In Your Pocket
I met you and my world stopped to pick up the change that you dropped
There was something about those eyes
And then I let my heart burst, I fell into you head first
I let my feelings go undisguised

It was a trivial love we had
But now it's over

I don't wanna be in your pocket no more
Just let me free, let me walk right out that door
I know you meant well, but love me or just move on

You promised me a new day, and I had nothing to say
'Cause I believed every word you said
And babe I know you meant it, but over time you bent it
And my heart felt like frozen lead
Track Name: Ode to Love
There is no touch so soft as that of love
Nor is there any comfort so complete
And I don't think I'll ever have enough
Of what you keep on offering to me

Oh, I could sit here for a while
Oh, just watching you smile
And it won't take very much to keep me here
Just show me that you love me my dear

Some say that we may fall to love from heights
But is the love we seek something we fall to
Or is it one that rises with the lights
And softens in the dim glow of the moon?

What is this long neglected love I see
And why have I not known her face before
I see her drawing nearer unto me
And here she is, standing at my hearts door